Access luxury hotel amenities

Enjoy world-class hotel amenities around you starting from $49/mo. Be rewarded with exclusive dining privileges.

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One subscription

For all your leisure, recreation & wellness needs


  • 500 credits
  • Up to 5 day-passes
  • 1000 credits
  • Up to 10 day-passes
  • 20% off hotel dining
  • 1500 credits
  • Up to 15 day-passes
  • 25% off hotel dining
  • Up to 1 guest
  • 3000 credits
  • Up to 30 day-passes
  • 35% off hotel dining
  • Up to 3 guests

Discover Hotels

Download the Rest app to view hotels around you. A day-pass grants you access to a hotel's amenities such as pools, gyms, saunas for a day.

Subscribe to receive credits to redeem day-passes.

Scan to Begin

When you're ready to use your redeemed day-pass, make your way to the hotel and scan the QR located on the front desk to activate your day-pass.


Use pools, gyms and other amenities the hotel has to offer to your heart's content. You will also be entitled to a food & beverage discount in the hotel based on your plan's tier.

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